About Me

Hey there! I'm Adrian Payne. Born and raised in Ireland but now living in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany.

I've always had an interest in singing and musical theatre though never actually got around to doing all that much with it up until now. I recently started taking singing lessons and want to share the results with you as I go along. Maybe one day I can quit the day job and do this full time! Right? Right??

Frequently Asked Questions

What gear do you use to record audio?

I switch between using a RØDE NT-USB and a RØDE NT1-A condenser mic put through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Sadly, my laptop has trouble with the latter combination so I only record with that on my PC.

What gear do you use to record video?

Depending on where I am, I use either a Logitech Pro Stream C922 or a Canon Canon 600D (called a Rebel T3i in the US).

What software do you use to create videos?

A mix of Wondershare Filmora, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects when I'm doing green screen work.

What software do you use to edit audio?

I use the completely free program Audacity for all audio editing.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in a small seaside town in the south east of Ireland. I love the wind and the ocean.

Where did you get your website?

All me and feedback/questions welcome! :) When not singing, I'm a web developer. The code is up on Github if you like that sort of thing.

Have you ever had voice training?

I started getting voice lessons recently with birtekoenigshoff.de. Up until 2017 I had no training apart from listening to my dad rehearsing musical theatre when I was a kid. It stuck with me and I love that stuff!

Where can I find you on the internetz?

How did you get here?

If my dad hadn't joined a musical society when I was a kid, I don't think I'd be singing. Thanks to him coming home rehearsing songs from Rodgers & Hammerstein and Gilbert & Sullivan, to name a few, I picked up a liking for musicals and singing.